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Customer Testimonials:

"Thanks for the quick turn around on my order. The bucktails and teasers look fantastic. I can't wait to fish with them."

KB- in Pennsylvania

 "We have an inshore charter that if you have some time I would like to send you out on with your jigs for some testing on the trout, redfish, and snook - always looking for a way to catch those guys! 

EM in Florida

 "Got the jigs yesterday. They are sick. Perfect. Thank you. I will spread the word about the quality and price"

DB in NewJersey

 "These bucktails are awesome. I just ordered 25 (mix of 2oz, 3oz, 4oz) and I'm am very very impressed with the quality (especially given the pricing options). If you are a big jig guy than I would definitely recommend ordering some. I've been flukin in the rocks all my life and I can't wait to dunk one of these quality jigs. The synthetic hair to me looks better the the real hair. it hides the hook better and there is better action/movement from my opinion. Quality is second to none here. I can't be happier and will be a long happy customer!!!"

Ba- NJFishing.com board member

 "Got them (teasers) and they are great, have been tying up my fluke rigs with them.
Sure I will be getting more. Thanks again"

Charter Boat Capt. BM in New Jersey

 "Bucktails look great!! Nice hooks! Thanks Mike! Will def(initely) refer you to others"

Chris F- NJFishing.com board member

 "I received the bucktails today.  They look great!!  I'll definitely put them to use next weekend. l'll be going out flukin' next Saturday on a 6 pack boat.  I'll pass your name on to the others on the boat."

Joe S.- NJFishing.com Member

 "These are quality jigs, made to last. Good enough to be in the national chain stores"

Captain Joe Miller www.FishGaloreOffshore.com- Professional Fisherman and Charter Capt

 "Been doing business with Mike at Sharkbite Bucktails, and just want everyone to know it's been nothing but a pleasure working with him. He got back to me with a fast response, and has answered all of my questions. (SIC)...the turn around time from when I ordered them was very quick. Once I get them, they will be bouncing on the rough stuff with the hopes of naiing a doormat this year. Thanks again Mike!!!!"

Jeff O.- NJFishing.com Member

2012 JCAA Fluke Tournament- "Very Impressive jigs. Quality painting, hair tied well and sharp hooks. These are made to last"

Capt Allen Gonzalez- Reel Class Sportfishing Charters

  Hi Mike. The Bucktails you made are great! My wife caught an 8.5lbr today using one of them. They are all you said they would be. Thanks again Bill T.

Received my order of the 2 & 3 oz spring sampler bucktails along with the sampler teasers. I hope they work as good as they look and the price is right. Thanks Mike

Capt. Gene Chappo- NJFishing.com Member

My first catch an a chartreuse Sharkbite Bucktail, thanks Mike
Bob Strempek via facebook
And thanks to Howie Allen who led me to Sharkbite Bucktails for my bucktails. Great Bucktails!!
Jonathan Mueller member of HOW(Heroes on the Water) Organization

Received the assist style stinger hooks in the mail today...These are awesome! Well constructed and made to last. Thanks again Mike!

Can't go wrong with your jigs..Thanks for the great service and product you make.
BD- NJFishing.com member
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